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Female Enhancements

  • MAX YummyCummy

    MAX YummyCummy

    Product Description MAX YummyCummy capsules safely alter the flavor of intimate bodily fluids, adding a semi-sweet, fruity taste! Effective results within a few doses. For Him & Her. Directions: Take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening,...

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  • ON Arousal Oil increases orgasm intensity, duration and frequency.

    ON Arousal Oil for Her - 5 mL

    Product Description ON Arousal Oil increases orgasm intensity, duration and frequency. Designed to enhance intimacy, ON uses an all natural botanical blend of essential oils to create feelings of natural arousal and increased lubrication in most women...

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  • Orgasmix Enhancement Gel

    Orgasmix Enhancement Gel

    Product Description The passion igniter! The Orgasmix Enhancement Gel Pillow Pack includes eight single use pillow packs. Apply a few drops to your clitoris and rub until desired effect is achieved. Heat up the desire!  Orgasmix is a water-based arousal...

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  • Spot On G-Spot Stimulation Gel - 2 oz

    Spot On G-Spot Stimulation Gel - 2 oz

    Product Description Treat your G right with exciting Spot-On Gel, a silky formula that intensifies sensation in and around this treasure trove of nerve endings on the top wall of the vagina. When the G-spot is more sensitive, it makes seeking more likely...

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  • China Shrink Cream

    China Shrink Cream

    Product Description Enjoy sex like you did before anything, um . . . stretched you out a little. Simply apply China Shrink Cream - the ancient secret of concubines - to your vagina, and within five minutes the muscles will firm up to what they once were...

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