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  • Strict Bondage Board

    Strict Bondage Board

    Product Description Turn any space into a sex dungeon! The Bondage Board is designed to bring your fantasies with you, wherever you go! Simply unfold the board and attach your restraints to create a...

  • Strict Speed Snap Cock Ring

    Strict Speed Snap Cock Ring

    Product Description Maintain a harder, stronger, and more sensitive erection when you wrap this snap-on cock ring around your cock and balls! Restrict blood flow by tightening this comfortable and...

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  • Strict Wooden Paddle

    Strict Wooden Paddle

    Product Description Straight out of your private school nightmares - or fantasies - this wooden paddle is a corporal punishment classic! Made of solid beach wood, it is light in the hand of the...

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  • Strict Zip Front Bondage Hood

    Strict Zip Front Bondage Hood

    Product Description Darken the senses with this Zip Front Bondage Hood! This hood denies the senses and blinds your sub with ease, making it simple to engage in kinky objectification play. Featuring...

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